PNPKI Instructions

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DOH will start implementing the PNPKI on your next accreditation and will be required by October 2023. Dashlabs cannot answer concerns regarding the DICT PNPKI process. Please redirect your PNPKI Registration concerns to

DICT PNPKI Registration

💡 Disclaimer: The process described here is mostly for individual registration. The process for bulk registration might deviate.

  1. You may register individually through or in bulk (institutional registration) by reaching out to them at Please prepare digital copies of your 2 Valid IDs and ID photo.

  2. Once you are registered in the portal, the DICT PNPKI Verification team will send an email confirming your registration. In the same email, they will ask you to schedule an online video call to verify your identity.

  3. During the verification call, DICT will ask you to present your IDs.

  4. Please wait 1-2 business days for them to email you with the subject: PNPKI SelfService Portal Credentials. This will contain the link for you to access the portal and your login credentials for the portal.

  5. For first-time login, you will be asked to change your password. Enter the current temporary password and then, type in the new password twice. The new password should be an alphanumeric password with at least 1 alphabet and 1 number and within 8 to 25 characters.

Requesting your P12 Certificate

  1. Login to the PNPKI self-service portal.

  2. Click Enrollment > Certificate Enrollment on the left side.

  1. Select “RSA” for Key Algorithm and then select “2048” for key size then Click Enroll.

  1. You may log out while waiting for your certificate to be issued. You will receive an email notification containing the p12 password once your certificate has been issued within 24 hours.

Downloading your p12 Certificate

  1. After receiving an email with the subject “PNPKI Certificate (p12) Password”, please save the email or the password in that email. Do not disclose the password to anyone.

  2. Follow the instructions in the email to download your p12 certificate.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: You can only download your P12 file once. Make sure you save and keep the downloaded file.

  1. Upload the p12 file to Dashlabs by logging into Dashlabs and going to this link or click your initial on the upper-right corner to go to User settings.

  2. Go to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

  3. Upload your p12 file and copy and paste the password that was provided in the PNPKI Certificate (p12) Password email.

⚠️ The p12 password is different from your self-service portal password. The p12 password should have been provided to you in the email with the subject: PNPKI Certificate (p12) Password

  1. If the password is correct, it should show the *“Upload Successful “*message in he upper right corner. If the password is incorrect, it would show the “Incorrect Password” message.

❓ Do not be concerned if, after the upload successful message, the fields are blank. Once you’ve seen the Upload Successful message then you’re already set.

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