Cashier/ Checkout

What is Cashier?

Each Terminal has its own Cashier, it calculates and record financial transactions. The user input values such as patient, order items, price adjustment, sales tax discounts, payments, receipt and others.

Sample Transaction

Add patient

You can add patient using the following steps, but make sure that the patient is already registered to, if not there is an option to register new patient.

  • Search patients using the dropdown and typing either the name or retrieval code of the patient

  • Search via QR code Scanner

  • Register new patient

Adding multiple patient and removing patient

  • We also can add multiple patients on one order.

  • By clicking "-" sign on the right side of the screen we are able to remove the patient.

Add product

  • Search the specific product or package then add.

  • We can also add multiple products on single patients or add multiple products on multiple patient.

  • By clicking "-" sign on the right side of the screen we are able to remove the specific patient.

Adjust price (Optional)

This step is optional, we are able to customize the price of the product by:

  • Setting the absolute price

  • Setting a percentage

Sales tax discounts (Optional)

It allows the user to apply specific type of sales tax discounts.

  • Senior Citizen's Discount

  • PWD Discount

  • None


We have different types of payment options depending on what the user want to customize. We have two types of Store Ledger .

  • DEBT For transactions between your laboratory and a corporate client. Transactions deduct from the ledger. Used to track how much a corporate client owes you. Example:

    • Company for Billing

    • Company for Billing 2

  • CASH_BOOK For cash transactions. Transactions add to the ledger. Used for track cash balances in a cashier's cash box. Example:

    • Main Cash

    • Gcash

We are also able to change the specific amount of the payment and add the image of the proof of payment.

By clicking "-" sign on the right side of the screen we are able to remove the payment.

Different payment method in 1 order (Gcash + Cash)

  • Paying using Gcash and Cash will also applicable.

  • You can also upload the proof of payment.


  • Referred by

  • Client

  • Laboratory Branches

  • Site operation

  • Reference Number

Checkout Order

If you are done adding the patient and their product, we can now proceed to checkout.

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