POS - Getting Started

Requirements for POS System

POS Setup Requirements

  1. Create Store

  2. Set up your Store Products

  3. Set up your Store Ledgers (Payment Methods and Billing accounts)

  4. Set up your Store Ledger Groups (Combination of selected ledgers)

  5. Set up your Store Terminals

    • Create multiple terminals for multiple cashier is an option

    • Attach store ledgers payment option and billing

POS operations steps for walk-in patients

  1. Register the walk-in patient Patient Registration

  2. Cashier/ Checkout the products that the patient ordered

  3. Process Discounts

  4. Download/print the Order Summary/ReceiptsStore Orders

  5. Process Order Requests

POS post-operations

  1. Download Documents

    • Download Statement of Account

    • Download Daily Sales Report

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