Store Orders

The order table lists all the orders that have been created in POS.

View all store orders

2 ways to go to store orders

  • Option 1: Go to sidebar for shortcut

  • Option 2: Go to store, then go to store orders

View store orders per terminal

  • To view store orders per terminal, go to store terminals, click the specific store terminal and go to store orders.

Exporting / downloading the orders table as CSV file

  • You can also export/download the resulting table as a CSV file depending on the format selected:

Can be filtered by:

  • start date,

  • end date,

  • status type,

  • created by

  • pre-selected dates (today, this month, last month)

Can be downloaded by:

  • PDF

  • CSV

PDF sample:

CSV sample:

Individual order page

  • You may view a particular order from the table by clicking on the link at the leftmost of each row.

Order Information

  • This card shows all important information regarding the selected order.

    • Displays the order’s information (status, remarks, discounts, etc.)

    • If the order was paid through a Corporate Client, a link to the store ledger(s) will be displayed

    • Download/Print the Order receipt

  • Download/Print BIR receipt

  • Download/Print a compact version of the order receipt

Payment Summary

  • This card shows a breakdown of the prices of each order item and the fees included in the order.

Patient Services

This card shows the patient services included in the order. A barcode will be printed or generated for each patient service selected.


  • You may select which items will be displayed for the barcode’s content. Use the preview section to verify the contents. Once satisfied, click on the Print Barcodes button.

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