Store Appointment Settings

The settings for availability of time to order a test/services from the store

The Store Appointment Settings can be found in the sidebar,

Schedule of Services/Test can be updated

  • Name

  • Days from today start

  • Days from today end

  • Expiry (hours)

  • Expiry (minutes)

Store appointment rules can be set by:

  • Months

  • Days

  • Dates

  • Time (Start and End Time)

  • Interval (Hours and Minutes)

  • Capacity

In this example I set the schedule to only be available in weekdays starting from 6am to 5pm with 10 mins interval with 50 order capacity in January, March, May, July, September and November.

  • Blue mark means the schedule available in months and dates

  • White mark means the month or date is not available

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